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Games Garden - your digital playground is not a community for hardcore gamers but a space for everyone to come and play on-line games for free. It has recently been integrated with Facebook to make easier for you to leave your comments and share with your Facebook friends the games you like.

There's a Featured Game every week which is selected from either existing games or new games for the current week.

The number of games is relatively small (just above 1,000 games to date) however new games are added more or less on a daily basis, at least 5 new games are added per week; only the best games make it into this website.

All the games are powered by MochiAds which means, whenever you play a game, you're helping the developers as when the game is loading, there's an ad showing you who's sponsoring the game, that way the developers get revenue from their work and you can play the game for free.

Please bear in mind this site is in continuous development and improvement therefore is possible to find bugs and there might be features or options that don't look 100% which soon will be fully functional.

Thanks for reading (if you did!) and happy gaming ;)

Ernesto Quezada. London, England, 2010.

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